Co-Chairs – 2021

This year’s co-chairs are Alexander Hafizi and Brittany Barlog. Email Alex here & Brittany here.



SCV 40 Under Forty

SCV 40 Under Forty is produced by JCI Santa Clarita in partnership with the Santa Clarita Magazine. SCV 40 under Forty honors 40 individuals each year (from ages 18-40) that are dedicated, passionate, and heart-led who actively work and lead others toward a better, brighter future within the Santa Clarita Valley and its neighboring communities. Dawn Abasta founded SCV 40 Under Forty in 2009. Alexander Hafizi and Cass Stauffer created and co-chaired Top 100 in 2020 where we honored 100 of the 430 alumni winners for the accomplishments they have done since they won this award.

JCI Santa Clarita

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Santa Clarita is a premier membership-based nonprofit organization of young active citizens between the ages of 18-40. The Jaycees, as members are more affectionately known, are dedicated to creating positive change in our community.

Santa Clarita Magazine

For over 32 years, Santa Clarita Magazine has been bringing you community news and stories, expert editorial advice, business profiles, new local merchants and a comprehensive calendar of the events each month. Santa Clarita’s largest monthly direct mail publication.